Best Bags for Every Occasion: Kipling x Emily in Paris Edition

Best Bags for Every Occasion: Kipling x Emily in Paris Edition

Once again, Kipling has crafted a delightful partnership between fashion and fiction, this time with the irresistible appeal of Emily in Paris. The brand is welcoming 2024 with a splash of lilac-inspired style following iconic collaborations with Barbie and Frida Kahlo. 'Kipling x Emily in Paris' is the latest collection, showcasing a mesmerising array of cross-body and mini bag styles in bold lilac, drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of the beloved main character in this Netflix sensation.

Kipling Unveils Emily in Paris Collaboration With Cute Handbags

The 'Kipling x Emily in Paris' collection breathes a fresh Parisian air, capturing the very essence of youthful charm. Comprising seven designs in floral lilac, each one is a reflection of Emily Cooper's bright and upbeat fashion sense. These bags exude a playful charm, complemented by carefully selected accessories, available in glossy and furry variations.

Enamel charms and printed scarves add an additional layer of uniqueness to each bag. It's an invitation to pick your favourite and let your inner Parisian flair shine, courtesy of Kipling. These stylish bags become your versatile companion for any setting, reflecting the très chic aesthetic of Emily in Paris.

The lilac-infused collection features Kipling's signature styles, with glossy foil finishes gracing the iconic Riri and Milda cross-body bags, the classic Bina shoulder bag, and the new whimsical heart-shaped Jozi bag – all enveloped in the bold new lilac colourway.

In particular, the chain-handled Jozi bag, a true standout, flaunts enamel charms depicting the Eiffel Tower, a bottle of champagne, the Kipling logo, a stylised Très Bien, and the classic Kipling monkey charm in candy pink. It's a nod to both the show's iconic elements and the playful spirit embedded in Kipling's DNA.

With a limited edition scarf that references Emily in Paris and Kipling, the Aminda, Bina, Milda, and Riri bags instantly invoke Emily's life in Paris. They are adorned with the brand's iconic monkey charms and a selection of Parisian motifs. Hearts, bubbles, vintage cameras, and morning coffee come to life on the scarves, narrating a stylish tale of their own.

Kipling and Emily in Paris - C’est Magnifique!

Bringing Kipling and Emily in Paris together creates nothing short of a fantastic collection with these lilac purses and bum bags. As we eagerly await the next season to unfold, these minibags offer a touch of Emily's famous fashion style, infusing a lively purple hue to any occasion. A celebration of youthful charm that transcends fiction and reality, the collection invites you to embrace its vibrant and sassy spirit.

Plugging straight into the super cute style of the main character Emily Cooper, you can get your own piece of Parisian flair, courtesy of Kipling and bring the enchantment of Emily in Paris into your everyday life.