How to Choose a Bag for Your Lady – Valentine’s Day Tips

How to Choose a Bag for Your Lady – Valentine’s Day Tips

Deciding upon a bag as a present for your lady can become quite an intimidating challenge. There are endless amounts of bags out there. So many sizes, shapes, colours and brands, it will become overwhelming without proper preparation.

The key to getting the perfect bag is research. The first step, however, is to decide the type of bag you are going to buy, and why you are buying it. Will it be a practical bag, or will it be a bag simply for pleasure? It is worth bearing in mind, what you deem an impractical bag, might actually be the key to her heart.

To Shop or not to Shop?

When deciding on the type of bag, you should first consider her lifestyle. Does she spend a lot of time shopping? Is she more of a night-on-the-town girl? What about her dress sense? Does she match up outfits, or is she more of a free spirit?

For the shoppers, tote bags or over the shoulder, large handbags are great companions when out on a spending spree. If the bag is intended for shopping, you should try to find one that is light when empty as well as suiting her style.

What’s in the Wardrobe?

If the bag’s intended purpose is to add some pizzazz to her wardrobe, then further research may be required. Bags for fashion will need to go with her wardrobe. Your safest bet is to take a look at her wardrobe and the contents within.

What bags does she have already, is there an identifiable theme? Themes could include colours, patterns or styles of bag. Does she have any that match up with shoes? If so, are there any shoes without a corresponding bag? If you can find her a bag to match some shoes, you will 100% win her heart.

Another tip for finding out her fashion traits is to check socials. If she follows any particular brands you can take inspiration from their collections. Socials are another great way to spot any particular trends or traits she has in her style.

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