How to Choose a Wheeled School Bag

How to Choose a Wheeled School Bag

Choosing a new school bag is a great way to get excited for the year. The key is to find a bag suitable for protecting your property, is easy to carry, but also one that fits in with your image.

There are many different bags out there, so choosing the style of bag should be first and foremost. Ideally, the bag should be easy for you to carry around. It should have all the pockets and pouches you require to keep laptops or tablets safe, books dry and sports kits neatly tucked away.

For some of us, the traditional over the shoulder, backpacks, cross body or tote bag may not be suitable. Back pain or other medical issues can be worsened by extra weight on your back, shoulder or in your hand.

This can be particularly uncomfortable for bags that rely on just one shoulder. An uneven balance of weight could even bring around problems, especially if you have a lot of large books or other heavy loads to contend with.

The solution for any of the afore mentioned scenarios, is a wheeled bag. Wheeled bags take the weight from your back allowing you to move your belongings around, with the bag supporting the weight.

Choosing the Right Wheeled Bag

When looking for a wheeled school bag, you should first take into consideration what items the bag will be used to carry. Normally for school, books are a given. They are a staple of any school’s curriculum and especially for older students, a large part of home learning as well. This means transporting books to and from school.

To ensure you aren’t left short of space, consider your busiest school day. Do you have sports on the same day you have maths and history? This could mean several books and a sports kit. Your kit alone could be made up of boots, shorts, shirt, jacket and pads. Therefore, it is essential you find a bag with a large enough capacity for your busiest day.

For some of us, laptops and tablets may be an essential part of your school day. Finding a bag with a protective pouch for your laptop or tablet to slip into will keep it secure and safe from damage.

All our wheeled school bags come with recessed 360° wheels. This means they sit within the bag’s footprint keeping them from catching other passing bags or clipping walls. Our locking extendable handles work for pulling the bag along or carrying, should you need to tackle stairs or other unsuitable terrain.

We also have wheeled bags with backstraps so you can also carry the bag on your back. The bags are available in all the great colours and patterns you will find across our entire range.

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