Taking Care of Your Valuables – Packing Precautions

Taking Care of Your Valuables – Packing Precautions


When you are packing for a holiday, a major worry is how safe your valuables will be. If you can avoid taking them, do so, but as is often the case, comforts and convenience may require them to get on board.

This should not mean anxiety and worry so long as you follow a few packing precautions and take care of your valuables. Jewellery, tech, gadgets and on the way home, souvenirs can all be safely transported in your luggage with some simple steps.


Check In, is Out

The first rule of packing club is do not put your valuables in checked in bags. This is not always an option, but where it can be, it should.

Jewellery should always be kept on your person. If your tablet or laptop are your travelling companions, let them be just that. An overhead bag should be large enough to accommodate even the bulkier of laptops, so make the most of it.

As well as damage to your valuables from careless baggage handlers, the very real risk of lost luggage is also a major factor. Your possessions are in most cases, your responsibility so always exercise caution with what gets checked in.


That’s a Wrap

If you must check in any precious items, be sure to wrap them well. Never put anything that can be broken anywhere near the edge of your bag. Creating a pouch in the middle of your bag for delicates and ensuring they are cocooned in is their best chance of survival.

Wrapping things in towels or jumpers and then wedging them in is also a great tactic. This method often comes in handy on a return journey. Souvenirs, bottles and breakables will stand the best chance with as many clothes and towels surrounding them as possible.


Lock it Up

Even the smallest of locks on your zippers can serve as enough deterrent to put an opportunist off. Locks can be picked up for next to nothing and always put an extra obstacle in the way of praying eyes and your belongings.


Double Bag it

In the case of toiletries and medicines, it is always advisable to double bag them. An extra layer between potential leaks and your clean clothes can be a life saver. Using something as simple as a carrier bag and some rubber bands can save your shirts from disaster.

When shopping for suitcases, hard shells will provide the best protection. Always consider the shock factor of flung luggage though, and if there is extra room in the case, pack it out with towels.

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